Photographed by Viktoriya Bankova

King B. Hector Jr.
CEO & Creative Director


We Are Kings Inc. is a sustainable contemporary menswear brand with a flair for flamboyant statements, founded by King B. Hector Jr.
The brand is a reflection of his love for blazers and suits, and his passion towards empowering the “individual”.

Inspired by his profound desire to bring impactful change in the world, he set out to build a brand that promotes ethical production and fair trade practices while prioritizing the rights of workers and safe workplace conditions.

The brand was developed with customers at the forefront. At We Are Kings, every customer is special, we want everyone who wears our brand to feel like a king, for we believe that we are all Kings and Queens in our own right.

The fabrics we work with are individually sourced from Africa creating a blend of African culture with traditional silhouettes. The prints are handcrafted and timeless art. Each print has its own story and meaning. We make it our job to tell the stories of these artists on a human canvas.

When I create its all about empowering the individual, the goal is to make the wearer look regal

– King B. Hector Jr.



Our mission is to promote cultural diversity and inclusiveness.



Our vision is to be the most sustainable fashion brand in the world.




We are committed to promoting sustainable fashion and being a positive contributor to the society. The fabrics we work with is called Ankara. Ankara is 100% cotton and biodegradable.

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